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There are very important reasons why the Travel Industry is looking for reliable Travel Coordinators. One of the major reasons is 'International Travel Safety' has become a major concern. Let's look at this realistically. We as Americans are not looked upon favorably in the world. No matter how much foreign aid we provide we cannot make people "like" us.

When we visit foreign countries, they are nice to us; they are even respectful and accommodating, however, do they like us?.Needless to say, we need to stay together when traveling to far away places. We must be aware of our surroundings and alert at all times when traveling outside of the US. The age old game of "mentally" ignoring a group of people because of their race creed or color has reached epidemic (International) levels.When in a foreign country if we do not speak the language then we do not know what is being said nor do we understand the consequences of what has been said.

Travel for many of us is a deep embedded addiction, an addiction that cannot be done away with just because of foreign issues or the state of the world. (I believe this addiction to be normal since the earth is traveling around the sun at about 65,868 miles per hour) Travel, since the beginning of time has been and will continue to be one of the most educational experiences that any person can encounter. Travel is a multi-billion dollar industry and will continue to be as long as the boarders are open.

So what must we do?.We must create new ways to travel safely.The T360 Travel Group has come up with a way to help Americans Travel more safely. Again, this too is an ancient old method of travel.

Even the wagon trains traveling west were not exempt from this method.Group Travel with a couple of differences.A Group Leader that is common to everyone on the trip.

The second difference is that every family or individual traveling would need to insure his/her trip. This one act alone covers your assets at home and aboard. This is what we call a "financial link" between you and your family, your assets back home and your safety aboard.

(Travel Insurance is NOT expensive) Regardless of what happens on your trip. you will have a solid connection to your finances other then your credit cards.The third difference is that the trips are registered with the US State Department in case of emergency.

Agencies are looking for Travel Addicts; I mean Coordinators all the time. I guess you are wondering why a Travel Agency would be looking for Travel Coordinators? Most people would say that would be the job of a Travel Agent. Wrong! Most Travel Agents do not travel that often.

They are busy booking travel for their clients. They loose money every time they leave their office.Travel addicts are the people who arrange their life to accommodate last minute travel.A Group Travel Coordinator would have the following attributes: commitment, loves travel, like people, have confidence in marketing, can give attention to detail, love to coordinate, and can your common sense more then your college education, then you qualify to Travel FREE.I suppose you are wondering how a Travel Coordinator travels FREE.

Easy, when you book 6 people or 15 people or what ever number the Travel whole seller sets one person goes FREE. The Host of the Group Travel provides the Insurances and the necessary Seller of Travel Permits. It is truly a group effort that can pay off big.Example: Say you have 9 people that want to go to China. You have a mark-up of 15% on the wholesale price, plus you get one free hotel and air if 6 people sign-up.

Your mother and father, sister and cousin, your girlfriend and her husband want to go and the lady at the church wants to go. And when another lady at the church found out from the Pastor that Mrs. J was going, she decided to go to. (Your husband said if he wants to see China he would go to Chinatown) So you now have 8 people, 9 counting yourself. You get one free travel pass and you can decided to lower your package price at the last minute because you did not need the extra 15% mark-up, or you can keep it for any emergency during the trip or you can use it to market your next trip. It's up to you!.

Travel Coordinator Trivia. If you can see a problem already with the above travel group, then you truly understand Group Travel. Think about how you would handle the situation.

If you are interested in becoming a Travel Coordinator you can sign up at

.This article was written by Cassandra Ingraham, webmaster and Travel Coordinator for http://www.

By: Cassandra Ingraham

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