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Why should you book your accommodations through the Housing Bureau using one of the official conference hotels?

Best Guide - luxuries and amenities
Welcome to the first annual "B.E.ST Guide." Living well is an inherent part of our culture. This premier supplement features pages of recommendations on the "best" in ... Style (fashion, fragrance), Wining & Dining, Destinations (spas, luxury vacations, and beach-front mega resorts) and Passions (luxury automobiles, yachting, coin collecting, premium cigars, golf, etc.) and highlights the ways we work. Play. Shop. And simply, how we enjoy the finer things in life.

Florida hotels pick up pieces
When John Zaccari, director of operations at the Holiday Inn Punta Gorda, saw strangers running by with televisions from his hotel minutes after Hurricane Charley nearly destroyed the property, he barely blinked.

Miami - The Business Traveler's Guide to Latin America
Overview Miami has become more than just a tourism destination. Today it is one of the region's premier business centers. The city on the southeastern end of the Florida peninsula was nicknamed the Gateway to the Americas because it has long served as a transshipment point for much of Latin America's trade with the US and Europe.

Caracas - The Business Traveler's Guide to Latin America
Venezuela is on the rebound as it recovers from a severe recession sparked by the 1998 oil price crash and political uncertainty With oil prices reaching 30-year highs, the country's main industry and top export is in fine shape, leading the way for growth in the rest of the economy.

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