Caracas - The Business Traveler's Guide to Latin America

All oil boom fuels good times as investors and business once again look to Venezuela.


Venezuela is on the rebound as it recovers from a severe recession sparked by the 1998 oil price crash and political uncertainty With oil prices reaching 30-year highs, the country's main industry and top export is in fine shape, leading the way for growth in the rest of the economy.

Caracas is fast-paced and tropical, the country's business, government and cultural center. The city sprawls across a valley, separated from the coast by Mt. Avila. Caracas' skyline is the result of the 1970s oilboom, which sacrificed much charm for the trappings of modernity Still, the population is friendly and the weather -- at 3,000 ft. above sea level -- is ideal. However, crime after dark remains a serious problem.


1 US dollar: 702 bolivares


Avensa (58-212-8002-8367), Aeropostal (58-212-708-6211) and Aserca (58-212-951-3887) serve local and regional destinations. American Airlines (58-212-209-8111) has seven daily flights to/from Miami (5), New York (1) and Dallas (1); fares from US$494 economy to US$2,224 business. Continental (58-212-953-3107) has two flights daily, one each from Houston and Newark, NJ., with fares US$691-US$1,580 business, Delta (58-212-958-1000) has one daily departure from Atlanta, with fares US$461-US$2,038. United (58-212-278-4545) has one daily departure from Miami, fares US$471-US$2,038.


Juan Sebastian Bar

Avda. Venezuela, El Rosal

Tel: 58-212-951-5575

* Live jazz, drinks and dinner.

Citron Cafe

Avda. Libertador, Chacao

Tel: 58-212-263-8183

* Meeting place for the in-crowd.

Dining Options

Le Petit Bistrot de Jacques

Avda. San Felipe, La Castellana

Tel: 58-212-263-8695

* Serves the mainstays of French cuisine.


Avda. Francisco de Miranda

Centro Commercial Lido, El Rosal

Tel: 58-212-953-3270

* Reputedly the city's most expensive restaurant, and gastronomically its most adventuresome.

Lee Hamilton

Avda. San Felipe, La Casrellana

Tel: 58-212-261-3469

* Steakhouse featuring American cuts, a favorite for power lunch.

Key Business Groups

Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce

2da Avda, Campo Alegre

Torre Credival, Piso 10, Planta Libre

Tel: 58-212-263-0833

Fax: 58-212-263-1829

Investment Promotion Council (Conapri)

Avda Francisco de Miranda, Piso 12, Centro Empresarial Parque del Este, La Carlota

Tel: 58-212-237-5486

Fax: 58-212-237-6028

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