Driving in Unfamiliar Places

Car Rentals are a great way to help you navigate your way around a foreign city, providing you with a sense of both independence and adventure as you tour new locations. But whether you are an experienced or novice motorist, driving in a new location can be challenging, as you try to navigate your way through unknown streets governed by myriad rules that might be different from what you are used to. So before you hire a car in any unfamiliar place, it is wise to first learn as much as you can about your destination, and the particular motoring laws that might apply there.Be aware of speed limits in any unfamiliar driving environment ? it is always wise to find out what limits apply in different zones before you get into the car, as signage might not be as plentiful as you are used to. Read up too about parking laws, and find out whether you will require permits for any of the locations you plan to visit ? this will save you an investigation into towing information later! Find out also if there are any particular local laws or habits, and remember that simple things, such as traffic lights, may operate differently than what you are used to.

Try not to take any of your driving habits for granted ? the things you do without thinking in your usual driving environment could very well be dangerous in an unfamiliar place.Take precautions to protect your safety when driving in a new location ? when driving in large cities, for example, it is always sensible to keep your windows closed, and to avoid getting out of your car if approached by a stranger. Take steps to ensure the security of your rental car too ? always remember to lock your doors, and leave nothing valuable on display when you park the car to explore. Be vigilant about your safety when driving too, and avoid all alcohol ? different destinations will have stricter views on driving under the influence, and it is hardly worth getting into trouble with the police on your vacation! Driving in an unfamiliar place requires that you have your wits about you at all times too, so focus on the road, and take regular breaks.

Renting a car is a great way to see a new place ? do your homework, and know what to expect at your vacation destination, and then go see the sights in style.

.This article was written by Carl Spanier an avid traveler and rental car expert.

You can visit his website at Car Rental Resources.

By: Carl Spanier

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