The Little Train That Couldnt Riding the Train in Chile

Recently they bought some trains from Spain, and like the Conquistadors before them, it was not the best of deals for Chile..Don't get me wrong, I am a super fan of trains. I have ridden trains in at least 20 countries. I have ridden trains throughout Argentina, Mexico, China, the Western United States, and most of Europe. Some good, some bad, all very interesting.

I find Trains simply relaxing, and I rarely get off a train with jetlag. What I normally do leave a train with is a lot more friends and a feeling I really got to know the country, even if the train never stopped. So, it just seems a perfect match would be a place as beautiful as Southern Chile and a train to cross it. You can take a train across Southern Chile, sort of, if your patient.

The national train system in Chile has been off the tracks more than on the tracks for several years now (sometimes literally). Chile has been struggling to reestablish their national train service. Recently they bought some trains from Spain, and like the Conquistadors before them, it was not the best of deals for Chile.

On the other hand, a train is a complex system and they tend to breakdown. The Chilean press also has a propensity for making a big deal out of a lot of little deals. Perhaps it is better for the sake of the trains that some news does not get picked up by the English press.As nice as it is to be on a train that works and runs on time, in the case of tourist, backpackers, and train enthusiast we generally have the time to be a bit more patient; especially if we are out to ride a train for the sake of riding a train. If we were in a hurry, we would fly or take a bus.

So, in the interest of promoting trains in the Southern Chile, we are opening train topics and information in all our city transportation categories, where the trains in the South stops or passes nearby.

.We would greatly appreciate your news, articles, information, or stories about riding the train in Southern Chile. As always, you can pass them on through the forum, or send them directly to editor @ and we will be happy to post them.

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By: Charles Spencer

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