What You Need to Know About South Africa Safari

The land of Cape of Good Hope, wonderful flora and fauna, multiple languages and mother of eminent leader like Nelson Mandela, South Africa awaits no introduction. There are more than a few reasons that make this country an apple of everyone's eye.The Matchless Wildlife Adventure.One of its distinguished features is the Kruger National Park that invites visitors from all round the world.

The ferocious as well as the gentle wildlife is at parade in this park. The park that is the home for the Big Five Animals i.e. lions, elephants, leopards, black rhinos and Cape buffalo, is supposed to be the largest wildlife park in the world today. Young as well as adult come to South Africa with a dream to encounter exclusive 142 species of animals and 507 types of birds found here. This park is the most breathtaking adventure trip for all its visitors.

The wonderful fantasy of Jungle Book comes to life for the children when they gaze at huge tigers, rhinoceros, giraffes etc. walking close to them. The park has specific timings when it is thrown open for safari. The place is always thronged with researchers and those making animal documentaries.Wildlife can also be discovered at the Tsittsikamma National Park.

Apart from numerous birds and animals species, the site is blessed with beautiful coastal cliffs, waterfalls and deep narrow valleys. When it comes to whale watching, the experience at the Walker Bay (at the coast of Cape Town) is unprecedented. It is an awesome experience when huge mammals like whales and sharks seem to be at hand. The Karoo desert is famous for its Mountain Zebra National Park that has inhabited some of the most unique zebra species. There is also the Karoo Nature Reserve that has nestled bizarre desert plants like kudus, buffaloes, hartebeests, springboks etc. The lovely and queer ecosystems that include coral reef, shore, lake, swamp and grasslands can be perceived at the renowned site called Greater Lucia Wetland Park.

The Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park in the Zululand region is a destination worth visiting for all the wildlife devotees.The Cities that Count. The city of Cape Town is one of the oldest cities of South Africa. The city receives vacationers' attention due to many reasons. The significant causes include ? the stunning Table Mountain, The District Six Museum which is quite informative about the place and the displaced people, The South African Museum, The Castle of Good Hope that has been functioning as a guard to this area since ages. The city of Durban is popularly known for its 230 days of sunshine and its being the third largest of the South African cities.

The city owns a refreshing beach known as The Golden Mile Beach, the Seaworld that holds attractive dolphin shows, the Waterworld with lots of slides etc. Also to be seen is the Time Warp surfing Museum that has a rare collection of the surfing mementoes. The South African city of Johannesburg has its own charisma. This wealthiest metropolis was once widely known for mining of gold from various sites here.

The other pulls of the city are the South African National Museum of Military History, the Dynamite Museum, the Madiba Freedom Museum (well known for the exhibiting the life of Nelson Mandela) and the Johannesburg Zoo. The Newtown region of the city is dedicated to industrial work. But it has the admired Museum of Africa, the Soweto Art Gallery that parades the magnum opus of black artists, the SAB World of Beer and much more. The Western Cape Province is the area at the edges of Cape Town.

This region is swarming with visitors due to the multiple attractions. The wine lovers never miss a chance to visit The Winelands area around Stellenbosch that has ample of wineries. The high mountain ranges like Franschoek, Slanghoeck etc add to the splendor of the place. If you encounter atypical sandstones and paintings on rocks and caves, this mystifying place is the West Coast and Swartland.

The Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of the country and the provincial capital of the Free State Province is stuuded with museums and so visitors throughout the year. The Western Gauteng region of Gauteng Province receives special attention due to the wonderful caves in this area. The Northern Province lures the tourists with its exquisite nature reserves. The highly acclaimed is the Ndzalama Wildlife Reserve. The National Botanical Gardens on the Crocodile River in the Mpumalanga Province are quite informative about the geography of South Africa.

The Little Dragon Mountains and impressive rock formations in this quarter are evergreen tourist spots.

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By: Mansi Aggarwal

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