You Cant Do It All What It Takes to Make a Successful Adventure Vacation

Sooner or later every traveler realizes that you can't do everything or see everything when you travel, but you can learn to pack as much adventure as possible into your vacation, without breaking your budget.Let's say, for example, your vacation is in New York, London, Tokyo or some other city that offers more to see and do than you could possibly experience if you stayed an entire year. The key is to accept the limitations of a finite vacation stay without giving up all the adventure you have planned on.

  • Step one begins with realizing the minimum you must experience to come home satisfied with your trip. What must you see and do in order to make this a satisfying vacation? Is visiting the Statue of Liberty, going to the top of the Empire State Building or seeing a Broadway play essential to your trip? Then make sure you include those activities.
  • Step two is to prioritize your time and your money. How long will you be staying in London, for example? Then calculate how much money you have to spend and you're your stay accordingly.

    If you blow through your money by Tuesday on your trip to London, and going to a Friday concert at Albert Hall was one of your essentials, you have created a problem for yourself.

  • Finally, above all else, remember to have fun. Months from now, you will not measure how successful your travels were based on how many things you r did or saw, but upon how much fun you had. .

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